Haberler 22 December 2021
Visit of the Chancellor of Algiers Naama University
Dr. Safi Habib, Chancellor of Algiers Naama University came to our university to sign an academic cooperation agreement and he also visited our Faculty.
Haberler 13 December 2021
Conference on “Islamic Law in Malaysia: An Introduction
As part of the "Wednesday Conferences" in our faculty, Mohd Al Adib Samuri, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Deputy Director of the Institute of Islam Hadhari, Un…
Haberler 2 November 2021
Conference on 'Creation of the Universe' was Held
Within the scope of "Wednesday Conferences" in our faculty, Chancellor of Irak al-Tanmiye al-Beshariyya University, Prof. Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed  gave a conference on “Creation…
Haberler 13 October 2021
Panel on “Religious Teaching in Schools in Malaysia, Oman and Turkey”
An international panel on "Religious Education in Schools in Malaysia, Oman and Turkey" was held in our faculty on October 13, 2021. Oman Ankara Ambassador Dr. Qasim Al Salhi, our Dean Prof.…
Duyurular 2 June 2021
Workshop on Multi-Denominational Approach in Fiqh Knowledge Production
The second of the Fiqh Workshops, which we organized jointly with the Islamic Sciences Research Foundation (İSAV), on "Multi-Denominational Approach in Fiqh Knowledge Production", will be he…
Duyurular 25 May 2021
International Workshop on Contemporary Approaches to Prophetic Sunnah
The International Online Workshop on "Contemporary Approaches to the Prophetic Sunnah", organized in cooperation with our faculty and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), …