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About The Faculty of Theology

About the Faculty of Theology

The library within the faculty serves faculty students, instructors and other academic readers with approximately 35 thousand works on social sciences in Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, English, German and French. In addition, it is possible to access digital databases based in Turkey and abroad thanks to the e-library.

The Faculty of Theology, which started its activities in the 1993-1994 academic year with three departments, namely Fundamental Islamic Sciences, Philosophy and Religious Sciences, and Islamic History and Arts, aims to train experts in the field of religious sciences, thus contributing to the development of a healthy understanding of religion in society. It also aims to raise academics specialized in the field with the master's and doctoral programs offered in various branches of the discipline within the Institute of Social Sciences.

The faculty offers two different programs: the undergraduate program offering both daytime and evening education, and Theology Degree Completion Program (ILITAM). The undergraduate program is five years with Arabic preparatory class. Intensive Arabic grammar, speaking, listening and reading classes are given in preparatory classes by guest lecturers whose native language is Arabic and faculty staff educated in Arab countries. In addition to the compulsory courses that will provide students with basic knowledge in the field, elective courses that will help students improve themselves are included in the curriculum of the undergraduate program.

Academic Staff

17 Professors, 12 Associate Professors, 25 Assistant Professors, 15 Lecturers, 35 Research Assistants.

Opportunities Provided By The Department

Students of the faculty can pursue a double major with the Departments of Law, Islamic Economics and Finance, Public Finance, Musicology, Preschool Education, Special Education, Psychology, Art History, Primary Education, Social Work, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature, and Management Information Systems. The faculty also offers minor programs in Islamic Law and Turkish-Islamic Thought to Sakarya University students. There are also special interest courses in the areas of Islamic Thought, Islamic Law, Tafsir-Hadith, and Turkish-Islamic Arts (Interdisciplinary) with the aim of helping students find their area of interest. There are ERASMUS agreements with Germany in addition to MEVLÂNA foreign exchange agreements with Morocco, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan and Jordan. The department also has agreements with various universities in Turkey as part of the FARABI program.

Quota: 200 for Daytime Education, 150 for Evening Education

Period of Study: 4 Years (+1 Year Preparatory Program)

Score Type: Verbal