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Our faculty was established within Sakarya University, under the law number 3837 which had been adopted in 3 July 1992. The Faculty had started its activities in 1993-1994 with three academic departments, having its first graduates in 1997-1998 academic year. The departments include; Fundamental Islamic Sciences, Philosophy and Religious Studies and Islamic History and Arts.

The aim of our faculty is to train the specialized staff as experts of religious studies, hence leading to the development and strengthening of correct religious understanding and behavior in society. At the same time, with post-graduate training and education given by a number of different departments, post-grads are equipped with in depth knowledge of their subject of specialty. After completing their courses, our graduates can therefore go into a vast number of different fields related to Religious Studies such as; teaching for the Religious and Culture Studies for both primary and secondary school levels, teaching in Vocational courses at Religious High Schools under the Ministry of National Education.  They can also act as Imams, preachers and muftis at Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Our faculty accepts students to first and second education by OSYM examination according to YGS4 point. In addition, there exists a Theology Degree Completion Program (ILITAM) in our faculty.