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Our Faculty Awarded Accreditation
Our Faculty Awarded Accreditation

Our Faculty Awarded Accreditation

Our faculty, Faculty of Theology, Sakarya University, has been accredited by the Islamic Sciences Accreditation Agency (IAA).

The result of our faculty’s application to IAA in January 2020 was announced and our faculty’s both normal and evening theology programmes were accredited. Accordingly, our faculty has become the first theology faculty to receive accreditation in Turkey.

Our dean, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bostancı stated that this success was achieved in the 30th anniversary of the establishment of our faculty, which makes it much more meaningful.

Prof. Dr. Bostancı said that “This major success will contribute to the national and international recognition of our faculty, positively effect student preferences and give a new impetus for a better development.”

Prof. Dr. Bostancı also remarked that “This success is a result of the combined efforts of all our faculty members from academics to administrative staff as well as our students and this makes it even more valuable.” and thanked the Quality and Accreditation Board of the faculty which consists of the chair Prof. Dr. Osman Güman, members Asst. Prof. Ziya Erdinç, Asst. Prof. Ayşegül Mete, Asst. Prof. Yunus Kaymaz, Res. Asst. Tahir Çağman, Res. Asst. Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Res. Asst. Afife Şeyma Taç and Osman İşgüven.

Prof. Dr. Bostancı also thanked the Rectorate, Deputy Deans, Heads of the Departments, academics, administrative staff as well as the administrators who served the faculty in the past, for their support and contribution to this success. Prof. Dr. Bostancı said that “I pray to Allah that the accreditation received will bring goodness to our faculty and grant our faculty more success.”

Accreditation certificates will be presented to our faculty at a ceremony.