Haberler 11 December 2019
Thoughts about Change and Changes in Religious Provisions
Prof. Dr. Faruk Beser gave a conference on “Thoughts about Change and Changes in Religious Provisions” as part of Wednesday Conferences series. The conference was organized by Arabic Langu…
Haberler 2 December 2019
Cooperation in Preventing Violence Against Women
Sakarya University’s Applied Women Research Centre (SAUKAM) and our faculty organized a panel on “Cooperation in Preventing Violence Against Women.”
Haberler 25 October 2019
Conference on “Contemporary Belief Problems and Theology Faculties ” Was Held
Prof Cafer Karadas from Uludag University, Theology Faculty, gave a speech on “Contemporary Belief Problems and Theology Faculties” with the contribution of Arabic Language Student Clubs.
Haberler 18 October 2019
Perception of Women in Imam al-Maturidi
Faculty’s member, Associate Proffessor Hulya Terzioglu gave a speech on “Perception of Women in Imam al-Maturidi” as part of faculty’s traditional Wednesday Conferences series.
Haberler 11 October 2019
An Induction Meeting for Malaysian Students
As part of Mawlana Exchange Program, students from International Islamic University of Malaysia and Malaya University started to study at our university. An introductory meeting was held for them.
Haberler 17 September 2019
“Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories Workshop”
A workshop on “Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories” was held in cooperation with the Philosophy of Religion Association and our faculty.