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Khatm Program For The Idlib Martyrs

Khatm program for the Idlib Martyrs

The Khatm Program, organized by our student communities for the Idlib martyrs, held in our Conference Hall.  Prof. Ahmet Bostancı and Lecturer Dr. Abdullah Özcan were the main speakers of the program.


The program started with the recitation of the Qur’an by Dr. Musa Öziş then the dean of the faculty, Prof. Ahmet Bostancı made the introductory speech. He extended his prayers with gratitude on all the martyrs, and he conveyed wishing of healing to the veterans. His speech then followed as;

“Our heroic soldiers are lined up against the oppressors in Idlib, as they have been throughout history, and trenching the oppressed. It not only succeeded in the front but also swells us with pride with their attitude towards civilians. The children who see our soldiers are smiling, the women who see them do not have any worries about their honor, and the civilians welcome our soldiers by waving our flags and showing joy. This shows that our army is the most civilized one in the world.”

Dr. Abdullah Özcan emphasized the importance of love of patriotism and martyrdom. Stating that the love of patriotism is a necessity of faith, Özcan said, “We can protect our religion, our language, our morality, dignity and honor, our lives, our property through our country. Without the homeland, the existence and my cause of these sacred values ​​are compromised. ” Noting that the highest point in the love of patriotism to be martyred, Özcan completed his speech after he included the verses of the Quran that indicated the importance of jihad and martyrdom in the way of Allah.

The program concluded by Dr. İlyas Şanlı’s prayers for the recitation of the Qur’an.