Haberler 18 October 2019
Perception of Women in Imam al-Maturidi
Faculty’s member, Associate Proffessor Hulya Terzioglu gave a speech on “Perception of Women in Imam al-Maturidi” as part of faculty’s traditional Wednesday Conferences series. View →

Haberler 11 October 2019
An Induction Meeting for Malaysian Students
As part of Mawlana Exchange Program, students from International Islamic University of Malaysia and Malaya University started to study at our university. An introductory meeting was held for them. View →

Haberler 17 September 2019
“Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories…
A workshop on “Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories” was held in cooperation with the Philosophy of Religion Association and our faculty. View →

Haberler 26 April 2019
Religion between History and Politics
As part of traditional Wednesday Conferences series, Prof Dr. Yasin Aktay, AK Party Chairman advisor, gave a speech on “Religion between History and Politics.” In his speech, he gave examp… View →

Haberler 22 April 2019
International Symposium on Violence, Radicalism an…
 A symposium on “Violence, Radicalism and Terrorism with its Religious, Political and Social Dimensions” was held at our faculty. The symposium was organized by our faculty together w… View →

Haberler 29 May 2016
A Visit to the Faculty from the University of Yarm…
The Dean of Sharia and Islamic Resaerches Faculty, Prof. Dr. Muhammad el- Umeri and the The Chief of  Islamic Researches Deparment Associate Prof. Muhammad es-Selci and some other members of the … View →