Haberler 9 December 2023
Our Faculty Received International Accreditation C…
Our Faculty Received International Accreditation Certificate with a Ceremony A First in Turkey and the Islamic World As a result of the international accreditation application made by our Faculty to t… View →

Haberler 10 October 2023
International Symposium on Mosque and Its Function…
The opening of an international symposium on “Mosque and Its Functions in a Changing World”, hosted by our Faculty, and organized in cooperation with Sakarya Governorship, Sakarya Metropol… View →

Duyurular 26 August 2022
- The Identity of the Tābiʻīn and the Establishment of Islamic Sciences – The "Tābiʻīn," the second most influential generation of the Islamic society after the Companions, in addition… View →

Haberler 11 August 2022
Our Faculty Awarded Accreditation
Our faculty, Faculty of Theology, Sakarya University, has been accredited by the Islamic Sciences Accreditation Agency (IAA). The result of our faculty’s application to IAA in January 2020 was a… View →

Haberler 14 June 2022
Imam Māturīdī as a Commentator Workshop was Held…
Our faculty held a workshop on "Imam Māturīdī as a Commentator" on 11-12 June 2022. Organized with the contributions of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Sakarya Provincial Mufti's w… View →

Haberler 3 June 2022
The Meaning and Function of Fiqh in the Modern Age…
A workshop on "The Meaning and Function of Fiqh in the Modern Age - Fiqh and Society -" was held in cooperation with our faculty and the Islamic Sciences Research Foundation (İSAV). In the w… View →