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The Sahaba: Founding Generation of Islamic Civilization Iv

The Sahaba: Founding Generation of Islamic Civilization - IV

International Symposium on

The Sahaba: Founding Generation of Islamic Civilization - IV

- Effects of the Sahaba in our Civilization Geography –

(October 10 & 11, 2020 – Sakarya/TURKEY)


The Sahaba (The Companions) of Prophet Muhammad, as the first interlocutors of Islam, have an important place in the formation and shaping of Islamic culture and civilization which has its own characteristics by means of their understanding of religion, and living and spreading it. Considering such an importance of the generation of the Sahaba, a series of scientific meetings with discussions was planned to be held under the name of The Sahaba: Founding Generation of Islamic Civilization with the cooperation of Sakarya University, Faculty of Theology and Islamic Research Foundation. The first three meetings of the series were already held under the titles of “Identity and Perception of the Sahaba”, “The Sahaba and the ulum al-Riwayah” and “The Sahaba and Ulum al-Dirayah” respectively.

The Sahaba, who spread across the vast geography extending from China to the Atlantic Ocean and assumed the responsibility of teaching the religion to new generations, had powerful impressions on the thoughts and lives of the peoples living in this region and influenced different cultures deeply. In addition to their influence in shaping the thought structure of various nations, it is possible to see the traces of the Sahaba on fields such as history, geography, art, literature and music along with custom, tradition and folkway namely the total culture. For this very reason, it was decided that the fourth ring of the symposium series will be held under the title of “Effects of the Sahaba in our Civilization Geography” in order to recognize the Sahaba with their aforementioned aspects, to reveal their services and to contribute to that they are well understood.

In order to create a general framework, the following topics are proposed by the symposium organizing committee as sample titles:

Effects of the Sahaba in Culture and Civilization

Geography of the Sahaba: Africa, Anatolia, Balkans, Andalusia, Southeast Asia, Indian Sub-continent, Caucasus, Central Asia (Khorasan, Transoxania etc.), Middle East, Far East…

The Sahaba and the Art

The Sahaba and the Literature

The Sahaba and the Music

The Sahaba and the Craft

The Sahaba and the Social Transformation

The Sahaba and the Values

The Sahaba and the Environment

The Sahaba and the Family

The Sahaba and the Education

The Sahaba and the Etiquette

The Sahaba and the Folklore

The Sahaba and the Architecture


Symposium Calendar


  • Deadline for Submission of Papers’ Abstracts                     December 15, 2019
  • Notification of Accepted Abstracts                                     January 20, 2020
  • Submission Date of the Full Papers                                      June 1, 2020
  • Evaluation Date of the Full Papers                                       July 15, 2020
  • Submission of the Final Version of the Full Papers              July 31, 2020
  • Symposium Date                                                                   October 10-11, 2020





-            The languages of the symposium are Turkish, Arabic and English.

-            Papers must be authentic and original.

-            The abstracts should be prepared with at least 300 words and e-mailed to:     sahabesempozyumu@gmail.com with the participation form and CV (curriculum vitae).

-            The main text of the papers should not exceed 8000 words.

-            The texts of the papers will be evaluated by the referees/rewievers.

-            The presentation of the papers in the sessions will be limited to 20 minutes.

-            Travel and accommodation expenses of the participants will be covered.

-            The papers and discussions presented in the symposium will be published in the symposium book