Duyurular 18 June 2022
- The Identity of the Tābiʻīn and the Establishment of Islamic Sciences – The "Tābiʻīn," the second most influential generation of the Islamic society after the Companions, in addition…
Haberler 14 June 2022
Imam Māturīdī as a Commentator Workshop was Held
Our faculty held a workshop on "Imam Māturīdī as a Commentator" on 11-12 June 2022. Organized with the contributions of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Sakarya Provincial Mufti's w…
Haberler 3 June 2022
The Meaning and Function of Fiqh in the Modern Age: Fiqh and Society Workshop
A workshop on "The Meaning and Function of Fiqh in the Modern Age - Fiqh and Society -" was held in cooperation with our faculty and the Islamic Sciences Research Foundation (İSAV). In the w…
Haberler 23 May 2022
Our Dean, Prof. Ahmet Bostancı, Visited Morocco
Our Dean, Prof. Ahmet Bostanci, went to the Faculty of Sharia at Sidi Mohamad Ben Abdellah University in Morocco, within the scope of Erasmus+ KA107 Teaching Mobility. He met with Dean Abdulmalik Avis…
Duyurular 25 April 2022
XI. International Religious Officials Symposium "The Mosque and Its Functions in a Changing World"
Mosques or masjids, which were built to provide believers to worship together, have fulfilled many functions in addition to their basic functions throughout the history of Islam. Starting from the tim…
Haberler 22 December 2021
Visit of the Chancellor of Algiers Naama University
Dr. Safi Habib, Chancellor of Algiers Naama University came to our university to sign an academic cooperation agreement and he also visited our Faculty.