Haberler 17 September 2019
“Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories…
A workshop on “Contemporary Philosophical Consciousness Theories” was held in cooperation with the Philosophy of Religion Association and our faculty. View →

Haberler 26 April 2019
Religion between History and Politics
As part of traditional Wednesday Conferences series, Prof Dr. Yasin Aktay, AK Party Chairman advisor, gave a speech on “Religion between History and Politics.” In his speech, he gave examp… View →

Haberler 22 April 2019
International Symposium on Violence, Radicalism an…
 A symposium on “Violence, Radicalism and Terrorism with its Religious, Political and Social Dimensions” was held at our faculty. The symposium was organized by our faculty together w… View →

Haberler 29 May 2016
A Visit to the Faculty from the University of Yarm…
The Dean of Sharia and Islamic Resaerches Faculty, Prof. Dr. Muhammad el- Umeri and the The Chief of  Islamic Researches Deparment Associate Prof. Muhammad es-Selci and some other members of the … View →