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International Symposium On Violence, Radicalism and Terrorism With İts Religious, Political and Social Dimensions

International Symposium on Violence, Radicalism and Terrorism with its Religious, Political and Social Dimensions

 A symposium on “Violence, Radicalism and Terrorism with its Religious, Political and Social Dimensions” was held at our faculty.

The symposium was organized by our faculty together with Jordan al-Nebe foundation. Academicians from diverse countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria and Tunisia attended to the symposium as speakers.

The primary aim was to exchange the ideas and experiences on violence, terrorism and radicalism, to examine international methods used in the fight against violence and terrorism, to introduce new religious, political, social and strategic views against the phenomenon of terrorism and to investigate the sociological dimension of the handling of violence and terrorism in religious texts. Some of the topics of the symposium were as following; “Addressing the Concept of Violence in Religious Text”, “Extremism in Understanding Religious Text”,  “Religious-Socio- Psychological Reasons of Attending to Terrorist Groups”, “Social Dimension of Violence”, “The Relations of Quality of Religious Education and Terrorism”, and “Islamophobia”.

At the end, the final declaration containing the recommendations on the issues discussed in the symposium was read.