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2016 Jordan Summer Arabic Course
2016 Jordan Summer Arabic Course

2016 Jordan Summer Arabic Course

Important Informations:

•             The course will be held between July 15 2016- August 15 2016.

 •            It will be in Jordan.

•             The course duration is five days, each week between 15.00-18.00. (Sunday-Thursday)  

•             In addition to the regular course hours some field-classes will be also held in Amman.

 •            Fee is 1400 US Dollars.

•             In this fee the following are included: Flight, course, accommodation and trips in Jordan. Food is not included. ( Food maybe given in the dormitory for a fee)

 •            1400 US Dollar fee is valid just for the students of our faculty and the Faculty Foundaiton will sponsor the course. If you are not our student the fee will be 1600 US Dollars. A group-discount is also possible.  In the application of non-students the acceptance will be needed from the foundation.

•             In the 2015-2016 academic year the first 10 most succesful students of the arabic preparatory class will have the opportunity to participate this course without charge. The next ten most susccesful students will have % 25 discount, and the next from 21th to 30th most succesful students will have % 10 discount.

 •            Furthermore in the 2015-2016 academic year the first three most succesful students of the preparatory class will also have a free trip from Jordan to Jerusalem.

•             All the passport exprenses will belong to participants.

•             Trips inside Jordan  will be  to el-Bahru’l-meyyit, to Aclûn and to Petra

•             The Course will be take place in the Institute of Ivan, Amman. 

•             The Institute of Ivan will give the opportunity to practice Arabic with native speakers outside the course hours.

•             The dormitories will be within walking-distance of the Institut. If  needed a vehicle will be in service. Accomodation will be in double or triple rooms. Wi-fi will be also avaliable.  

•             A regular participation in classes is mandatory. If the students who take the financial support for the course from the foundation do not participate in the classes, they will be required to pay the course fee.   

•             For more information about the Ivan Instıtuit please see: www.ewaninstitute.com and https://www.facebook.com/ewanInstitute

•             Applications will be possible until May 12, 2016  and the contact person is lecturer Halil Uysal. To complete the application 100 US Dollars are to be paid. Uysal’s e-mail is: elhalildostarapca@hotmail.com


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