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Dean's Message
Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Welcome to Sakarya University, Theology Faculty, where I am honored to serve as the dean since December 8, 2016.

Our faculty is one of the biggest and leading theology faculties among others with its competent academic staffs and over four thousand students in undergraduate, postgraduate and undergraduate completion programs. Thanks to its preference rank by students at the university entrance exam, national and international meetings, active participation for exchange programs and other activities it has gained not only an important place among similar institutions but also national and international recognition. Indeed, our success is owed in large part to the dedication of outstanding and successful faculty members, our students, and administrative staff.

Our faculty, which has always stood by its country and nation before, during and after the difficult period of 15th July 2016, will continue its determination in the future.  The faculty will continue to lead its direction in a better and more pleasant way, taking an inspiration from the Prophet’s saying that “He whose two days are equal, is a loser”.

As it has been until today, the primary aim of our faculty has always been “to train individuals who are eligible to read and understand Islamic sciences from main sources; are able to follow new developments, knowledge and tendencies in their field; have researcher, amenable, participatory, cultural, ethical and aesthetical values; are integrated with society and internalized by the universal values; and posses the competent personality traits required by their profession”. In light of this aim, we will decisively take the necessary steps shoulder to shoulder with our academic and administrative staffs and students. 

As has been thought in the Prophetic teaching, with the belief that the divine aid is with those carrying their jobs without their desire, I hope may God’s help be with me to pursue this duty with success and honor. I expect constructive contributions from all of our staffs and members during my tenure. I hope may God’s mercy be upon to those who passed away, especially, to the one of the previous deans, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Erkal. I would like to present my respect and love to all members of our faculty.


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bostancı